Zoals iedereen nu al weet heeft Eidos de wereldberoemde developer Looking Glass als het ware gedumpt. Nu zijn er natuurlijk veel speculaties over de licentie van de Thief series die nog bij Edios liggen.

PlanetCrap heeft een feature gescrheven over dit soap-achtige gedoe wat zeer de moeite is om te lezen.I think it was necessary business sense on Eidos' part to hold onto the rights to a product that's already made them so much money. They originally planned to do so by buying out a quickly sinking LGS, and when their poor financial performance forced them to cut back on investments, they chose the cheaper option of dumping the developer and grabbing only the license (a strategy many argue they have exercised before).

There was certainly some bitterness among LGS employees at having lost their jobs (especially after Eidos made the pretense of saving them), but I'd recently been unemployed (I'd only been at LGS for 4 months) so I took it with a somewhat macabre sense of humor.

Some have suggested that it's Eidos' strategy to publish independent developer's titles, find a successful series and then flush the developer, buy the rights and farm it out to a cheaper (or subsidiary) developer (often with inferior results). Personally I don't believe Eidos sets out trying to screw their partners, but I wouldn't put it past them if their profit margin requires them to cut some corners.