Nu met de geruchten rond Volition en de overname door THQ is er ineens weer een levendige aandacht voor de Descent-serie (Freespace en Descent zijn beiden van Volition).

3Dactionplanet nam de Descent-serie eens goed onder het oog en schreef een flinke lap tekst erover.1995 was a dangerous time for First-Person Shooters (FPS, to those in the know). While id Software was still riding so very, very high on their success of the Doom series, the rest of the developers sat around, slapping their heads and collectively muttering to themselves, "Why didn't I think of that??" Of course, there's always money to be made off of someone else's ideas, and thus the FPS market quickly became overcrowded with (for the most part) cheap, unimaginative Doom rip-offs.

The breath of fresh air came with the upstart company known as Parallax. By combining the thrill of a FPS game with the 360-degree physics of a flight sim, they created the mine-crawling Descent. Many gamers were sucked in by Descent's non-stop vertigo-inducing action; however, others couldn't stand the gameplay (or the motion sickness), thus sparking a somewhat notorious feud as to whether the game was good or not.mmm...toen was het nog geen UT versus Q3, maar Descent versus Doom. Dat waren nog eens de betere tijden.