Tweak3D heeft een artikel geschreven over de geschiedenis van de 3D videokaarten. Zoals velen al weten is het ooit begonnen met de 3dfx kaarten. Glide was de api die standaard gebruikt werd door iedereen, en van andere api's wilde niemand wat weten. Ondertussen zijn de tijden gekeerd en zit 3dfx flink in de problemen. Dit in tegenstelling tot NVIDIA, die in de high-end markt op dit moment heerst.With more and more cards around, the competition became more focused on frame rates. When the Riva TNT debuted (during the Voodoo2's reign), it boasted frame rates above significantly in a single-card solution, which it delivered along with great image quality, features, and stability (for the most part). The TNT (and TNT2) line of cards introduced powerful OpenGL, and helped in the expansion of alternative API's to Glide... primarily Direct3D.

Later came the G200, TNT 2 / Ultra, Voodoo 3... then even later, the G400, then GeForce, then GeForce 2 and Voodoo 4/5... which like basically all new high-end video cards, offered greater speed, image quality, and features. You probably know this part of the story, because you've most likely witnessed it all.


I really hope you gained something from this article, and I didn't waste time writing it. You better have! But really, how could you not just sit in awe at the whole 3D acceleration craze? It's amazing. The next time you bitch about your GeForce going too slowly, think about what it would be like with out 3D acceleration, you ungrateful brat! Erk, thanks for reading!We komen steeds dichter bij de 'echte' virtual reality...