Het moet ook niet gekker worden , een FPS waar je geen dingen overhoop schiet, maar dingen tot leven schiet.

Een of andere psychloog heeft zeker in een donker zolderkamertje weer wat verzonnen A typical computer game centers around a violent war zone piled high with corpses. But what if those bullets turned the bloody bodies into a field of healthy humans, frolicking among the flowers?

That's the idea behind Game Theory: Bang Bang (you're not dead?)," a new exhibit designed by Kathleen Ruiz at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York.

Ruiz, an assistant professor of electronic arts at the school, has created a multimedia art exhibit that confronts the hot-button issue of violence in computer games by satirizing it.

"We're trying to say that there are other things that can be done besides using this technology to kill," Ruiz said. "There are so many alternative experiences -- poetic, spiritual, and personal -- that we can use the technology to work with."

"I was trying to turn this (use of technology) around a little bit with the show," Ruiz said. Viewers have a chance to play the role of first-person shooter in the exhibit. Each person sits on a toy chest and takes aim at an 8-by-12-foot digital projection screen mounted on

the wall.

This is not a typical gaming environment, however, where the goal is to kill the bad guys. Instead, players can aim at dead people onscreen and try to resurrect them. En dan onder het mom van "laten zien wat de techniek nog meer kan", volgens mij is het een hippy overgewaaid uit de seventies

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