Komt ons aller Duke Nukem ook op de XBox? Volgens een interview dat Daily Radar had met Scott Miller is hij erg te spreken over de XBox en zegt hij dat het waarschijnlijk is dat er een Duke Nukem release komt voor de console van Microsoft. Over de PS2 is hij helemaal niet zo enthousiast.We dig those guys from 3D Realms; sure, we wish we were installing Duke Nukem Forever on our rigs right now, but co-founders George Broussard and Scott Miller call them like they see them. They both founded 3D Realms about 50 years ago (actually it was 1987), when computers were made out of vacuum tubes and Ovaltine boxes (actually a 286 with a CGA card) and they vaulted to success with their Roy Rogers and Trigger Go to Hell first-person shooter (in reality it was Duke Nukem 3D).

We recently had a chance to talk to Scott Miller about progress on DNF, and he was more than happy to add his two cents about Xbox.

Daily Radar: So, Scott, what do you think of the Xbox?

Scott Miller: Does anyone think that Sony's PS2 will not be a giant hit? I didn't think so. Does anyone think that Nintendo's GameCube along with their Disney-like brands will not be a big hit? I didn't think so. So the Xbox has extremely tough competition from two console makers that have been doing this successfully for years.

"We'd be crazy not to [port Duke Nukem Forever], in fact, simply because it's so easy to make an Xbox version once you've got a PC version."

Ligt het nou aan mij, of begint het nou te lijken dat Sony de strijd aan het verliezen is?

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