Een droomgame, een game waarin alles perfect is. Van gameplay tot graphics, van verhaal tot geluid. VoodooExtreme vroeg aan Ken Levine (één van de mensen achter System Shock2) wat zijn droomgame zou zijn. Well, the game I want to develop on the PC side we're already developing (Freedom Force). It's clearly the game I've wanted to do since I was eleven. What eleven year old geek wouldn't want to do a game where they get to conceive an entire universe of heroes? Of course, I didn't know then the added bonus of working with cool people like project lead Jon Chey and concept artist Robb Waters, sound designer Eric Brosius and designers Murray Philbrick and Andrew Chambers.

While that team has a lot of the people I want to work with, the team for the Lost has the rest of them. Most of the System Shock 2 team is working on that game, including Ian Vogel, Nate Wells, Dorian Hart, Steve Kimura, Gareth Hinds, Mauricio Tejerina, Eric Brosius, Dave Bax and Alexx Kay. Shawn Robertson, Paul Hellquist, Eddie Moore, Bryn Bennett, Henry Smith, John Abercrombie, Scott Sinclair and Carlos Cueloo on that project.

In terms of people I'd like to work with, but haven't: I respect the Gollop brothers (XCom)Also most of the stuff that come out of Black Isle and Bioware has sucked up most of my free time this year. Harvey Smith is a real smart guy, as is Jordan Weisman. The Bungie guys can consistently make both great games and great technology at the same time. That's incredibly rare.Maar dan heb je altijd nog de bekende zin: "De meeste dromen zijn bedrog"