Nooit meer je partner in zijn rugschieten, nog net je maat kunnen waarschuwen voor die sniper op het dak. Allemaal voordelen van voice communication zoals dadelijk bij TF2. Maar er zitten ook nadelen aan. TF2source heeft een licht paranoia artikel geschreven over de (mogelijke) dingen die kunnen gebeuren wanneer men TF2 speelt.But, we will. With the advent of TF2 just around the corner, and the news that voice-communication will be here sooner than we thought in the next TFC patch, we are about to meet our opponents. It could be a very startling experience for a lot of us as those 'Players' gain voices and your clan leaders start barking commands. Will the stereotypes that we have set up in the community hold true, or will they all come crashing down on our heads? That is the question of the day. For instance, what if that guy spamming your respawn isn't some asshole twelve-year-old who has a sick sense of humor? What if it's a full-grown forty-year-old man with a sick sense of humor? Or a sixty-year-old war veteran who wants you to see what it's like to be pinned down for hours with no sign of safety or the ability to leave your sanctuary without losing your life? And those 'Players?' We all assume that they are just kids who try the game and have no idea what they're doing. But, what if that's your boss? Or perhaps your future wife or husband that you haven't met yet? What if it's some psychology major from Harvard who is writing his thesis on the hierarchy of the cyberworld, and wants to examine the relationship between the knowledgeable and those in need of assistance in a gaming environment? I know it sounds a little far-fetched, but as they say in the McDonald's commercials, it could happen. Now then, look at the fact that when voice-communication becomes available, you are going to discover the answers to these questions. Suddenly that asshole spamming your respawn isn't typing, "Suck it!" He's yelling it in a loud, obnoxious drawl of a 40-something Texan. Your clan leader is no longer typing, "Cover me! I'm gonna rocket jump onto the battlements!" he's shouting it in a cracking voice of a thirteen-year-old going through puberty. And you'll suddenly realize just how many female opponents you've faced when you're suddenly talking to them. Will there be cyberflirting in the middle of battles? Will some lonely computer geek throw himself in front of a sniper laser and take the bullet to prove his valor to a girl gamer? All of these are valid questions that will get answered when the time comes.

Hmm lijkt me idd niet fijn als er een schreeuwlelijk in je oor zit te tetteren. Maar misschien is dit overdreven.