Gamespot is bezig met haar "Mod week" en het was nu de beurt aan de Half-Life Mods. Zo'n vergelijking welke Mods beter zijn is al vaker gedaan, maar het blijft interessant om te zien welke de beste zijn Action Half-Life

Few people can honestly say they haven't wished they could participate in the onscreen mayhem of an action movie. Action Half-Life brings that wish closer to reality than any other mod that's available today. It's violent, bloody, and best played when the kids are tucked in.

Any Map by Neil Manke

Half-Life is different from other first-person shooters in that many outstanding single-player mods are available for it. If you want the best of the best, look for anything made by Neil Manke and his team. Ever

since he released the superb U.S.S. Darkstar, a blend of action and horror set in outer space, Manke has been wowing Half-Life players with his superbly crafted and highly detailed levels.

Counter-Strike and the Android Bot

Chances are that if you're still playing Half-Life, it's because of Counter-Strike. This ambitious

project completely raised gamers' expectations for what a talented mod team could do, and since its release, it has remained one of the most popular multiplayer mods on

the Internet, bar none. In fact, it's so good that it's headed to store shelves shortly (don't worry, the CS team will still offer free downloads via its web site).

The Gathering

The Gathering combines the features of two excellent mods - Oz Deathmatch and Soul Reaper - into a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. It provides access to nearly 200 server variables that do everything from change the color of a grappling hook to enabling friendly-fire damage

Rocket Crowbar

If the standard Half-Life weapons are getting a little dull, Rocket Crowbar is the cure. It uses the standard weapon models, but the first time you hit the primary or

secondary fire buttons, you'll know immediately that you're not in Kansas anymore.

Sven Co-op

Multiplayer games today focus on competition, but cooperative play on single-player levels can be just as

rewarding if you crank up the difficulty and find a good friend to play with. Sven Viking and his team

must think likewise, as their Sven Co-op mod lets two or more players fight their way through Half-Life's

single-player campaign with special maps that add many more monsters and traps.

Team Fortress 1.5

Does this mod really need an introduction? Valve's free

class-based multiplayer game gets better with each release, and the wildly popular 1.5 version is no

exception. It's based on the original Team Fortress mod for Quake, but the modernized incarnation is a much more compelling experience.

Wizard Wars Wizard Wars replaces the guns and alien weapons of more familiar mods with spells and a high-fantasy setting. This is a team-based mod in the spirit of Team Fortress that lets you choose between eight types of wizards that all have different elemental powers.En het mooie is dat de download links er ook bij staan.