Met de E3 achter de rug stormt het momenteel impressies, previews en awards. Gamespy heeft zelfs een top 25 samengesteld van hun meest veelbelovende games. De twee hoogstgenoteerde games zijn niet al te moeilijk te raden, maar afgezien daarvan staan er enkele interessante games in het lijstje, die door al het Halo 2 en Half-Life 2 geweld weinig aandacht hebben gekregen.#13 - Spider-Man 2 (PS2/Xbox/GCN/PC) The amazing Spider-Man gets ready to spin a new web of action in 2004. Slated to be released around the same time as the movie, Spider-Man 2 is much more than an incremental upgrade of the previous Spidey games. Taking a cue from Grand Theft Auto, the game features some open-ended and mission-based elements, giving players a sense of freedom as they fight crime in the Big Apple. Spidey's graphics get a lovely upgrade as well; statically it's easy to see that the character model is greatly improved, but his animations are astounding. It's as if Todd McFarlane's rendition of Spider-Man was brought to life. Psylancer: Like Tony Hawk Underground, Activision is taking Spider-Man in a Vice City direction. I think this trend is fantastic since it allows more freedom and non-linear gameplay. It totally works for Spider-Man as a character, since a big part of his life is randomly patrolling Manhattan and looking for crimes to stop.Een Spidey-game ala Grand Theft Auto waarin je helemaal vrij bent om te gaan en staan waar je wilt? Yes, please. De complete lijst is bij Gamespy te bekijken.