heeft een mooi article geschreven over de vijftien games die de gamescene hebben veranderd. Gamespot heeft vijftien oude en tien games van zeer vroeger. Het is leuk om te lezen dat toch de simpele games, de grotere inspireren.The year 2000 has been punctuated by numerous attempts to examine history on a sweeping scale and to assess our civilization's progress, its meaning, and its future in the new millennium. Pessimists and optimists alike have paused to reflect on the last thousand years and to even predict the next thousand. And the old millenarianism still lingered in our consciousness: As 2000 approached, notions of the end of history, the year 2000 bug, and the fear of natural disasters preoccupied our thoughts.

The sky didn't fall. We at GameSpot waited for the worries to dissipate and thought it was time to do our own examination of past years and to recognize the computer games that have made a lasting contribution to computer gaming. Thus, we debated over the history of games to determine the 15 most influential games of all time. Not only did these games introduce innovative features and extraordinary gameplay that later became conventions, but they also serve as models to other developers who seek to emulate and even outdo them. Last, these games were popular commercial successes and as such, they remain hallmarks of this fledgling industry.

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