Gamespy vond het weer tijd voor een Top10. Dit keer de slechtse Voicovers in een game. En dat niet iedereen een goede "game-stem" heeft kan je wel in het lijstje zien.Many famous people have been involved in the creation of computer games, especially when it comes to lending voice talent. I would list a few off but that would

require actual research. My point is, you never know who could be behind the voices of your favorite video game characters.

But not all celebrities make the final cut! GameSpy has interviewed hundreds of developers and listened to thousands of audition tapes in order to painstakingly

compile this list of failed celebrity voiceovers for some of the greatest games of all time. You know, we're all behind the scenes like that.

Celebrity Voiceovers that Didn't Make It:

10. Mr. T as the Priest from Age of Empires

9. Gilbert Gottfried as Nocturne's "The Stranger."

8. Christopher Walken as the Orc from Warcraft II

7. Katherine Hepburn as Kerrigan from StarCraft

6. Hank the Angry, Drunken Dwarf as the Messiah from Messiah

5. Jerry Seinfeld as the voice of the Dungeon Keeper

4. Anthony Hopkins

3. Homer Simpson as Darth Vader in Jedi Knight

2. Samuel L. Jackson as Pinky the Ghost from Pac-Man

1. Ernest P. Worrell as Duke Nukem

Ooh ooh, dat is BA van het A-Team, One Bad MOFO waar je geen ruzie mee moet maken, dat herinner ik mij nog uit de series

Of deze van Samuel L. Jackson

"Does Blinky look like a bitch?

Then why did you eat him like a bitch!?"

Voor alle mislukte quotes en enge plaatjes kan je hier terecht.