Zo, hier even een stukje van een review voor de bezitters van een Dreamcast. The Sports Gaming Network heeft een review geplaatst van een nieuw WWF spelleke, 'worstelen' dus! WWF Attitude appears to sport a rather high budget. The result is a presentation that is above average, including audio and visual effects to be admired. At the title screen things are easy to read and in your face. Once embarking on a match it is impossible not to notice the complete digitization of every wrestler included in the game. At the start of the game one is able to select from 30 wrestlers. Each looks like his real life counterpart, and moves with a motion capture style that is fairly impressive.

All too frequently we have seen great-playing games suffer from a lack of playable options. This is a case of the exact opposite. If there are any complaints to be heard about WWF Attitude, they are surrounding its play mechanics. The game can often play out in a slow, monotonous fashion. Novice players will no doubt find themselves repetitively kicking and punching, every so often perhaps grappling the opponent into an all too common arm bar. All other moves will evade novice wrestlers, for a new system of gameplay is upon us, and it is unclear whether or not we are better off for it.Check hier voor de rest en 11 screenshots!