Nadat een Crazy Taxi een groot succes werd, kondigde Sega een vervolg aan. Niet Sega maar Acclaim gaat de game publiceren. Acclaim heeft naast F355 Challenge ook bijvoorbeeld Fur Fighters gepubliceerd.

The first difference between the original and its sequel will be the company with the publishing rights. No longer is Sega publishing the game; instead the game has been entrusted to Acclaim. Acclaim hasn't had the biggest list of hits for the Dreamcast, but things have started to look better for them since the release of great games like Fur Fighters and the more recent Ferrari 355 Challenge, a Yu Suzuki masterpiece. The game is being tackled by the same development team, albeit their new name, Hitmaker.Verder zal Crazy Taxi 2 een multiplayer mode bevatten:

Of course, the feature that every Crazy Taxi fan is looking for in this rendition is online play, and while no official details have been released, there are a few ideas that are currently being tossed around. The first, and most likely, is an online scoreboard system, where you'll be able to upload your high scores and compete with others nation wide. The others, such as online matching and a full-fledged online play mode, are what the fans are really hungry for, and we can only hope and pray that Hitmaker can pull it off and deliver head-to-head play in the US Dreamcast version. Online play would likely be reserved for two to four players, and would have competitions to see how many passengers you can deliver before the time expires. It would play very similar to the single player game, only with multiple players vying for the same passengers. An offline multiplayer game has also been proposed, and while split-screen gaming is taking a backseat to online multiplayer gaming, it would still be a welcome addition, considering the original had no multiplayer games.

Crazy Taxi 2 zal naast een multiplayer mode nog veel meer extra's krijgen.