Niels van Delft schrijft: "Famitsu DC heeft de eerste screens van Daytone USA Online in hun magazine gepubliceerd.

De plaatjes die op IGN staan zijn ingescand, wat de matige kwaliteit verklaart.":Though the screenshots below are pretty tiny, the game's looking decent – the cars are sporting way more polygons than the Model 2 version, and pop-in problems appear to be a thing of the past (thank God). The tracks look on par with the arcade version, and it's impossible to tell whether or not they've received a graphical facelift.

In speaking with Sega of America today, we learned that these shots may not fully reflect the final product. Specifically, it's possible that we'll see some changes in terms of graphics over what's present in the current build that's floating about. So, if the game looks a bit dated through the screen shots, don't worry too much just yet.

The same story goes for features, including tracks and cars. Reports have surfaced today indicating that the game would be featuring tracks from part 1, the Saturn Championship Circuit Edition, and Daytona 2. Sega of America is not willing to comment on what we can expect towards this end, though, as nothing has been finalized.

Twijfel geen moment om de plaatjes te bekijken, want ze zijn mooier dan de arcade versies.