Niels van Delft schrijft:"IGN heeft een speelbare versie van Daytona USA Online voor op de Dreamcast weten te bemachtigen.

Helaas zullen er niet alle circuits van alle Daytona spellen die ooit zijn uitgekomen in zitten.

Maar de screenshots zijn veelbelovend!"This afternoon, IGNDC got to sit down with a near-complete version of Daytona DC, and what we played made us want to burst out into a rousing chorus of Blue, Blue Skies. Boys and girls, this ain't no four-week port – this is a choice contender for arcade racer of the year.

The game's redone interface gave us access to three courses: the Three Sevens Speedway from the arcade version, the Desert City track from Championship Circuit Edition, and an entirely new course called the “Rin Rin Rink” (a-hem). But wait! Sega wasn't content to just port over the geometry data from the arcade version and leave it at that -- each course has been painstakingly rebuilt, retextured, and loaded up with more details than ever before. Put the arcade and the Dreamcast version head-to-head, and that little $150 console slaughters it.

And damn, does it ever look incredible. Vibrant colors, ultra-detailed textures, shiny car models, per-pixel volumetric car lighting, and up to twenty vehicles on-screen at once -- all running at 60fps with no slowdown. And the scourge of every Daytona game, the visual blemish known as pop-in, has been eliminated. Remember when you'd come through the second corner in the arcade version, and the giant rock with the Sonic relief sculpture would pop in? Not here, baby -- my eyes probed the horizon for any trace of draw-in at all times, and I couldn't find a snitch of it. Awesome, awesome, awesome. And the split-screen mode is just as flawless, leading us to speculate that this game is running on the F355 engine.

In Japan moet het spel al in December in de winkel liggen en laten we hopen dat Sega hem ook snel in Europa uitbrengt.

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