Zojuist heeft het DoD team versie 1.1 van hun HL MOD Day of Defeat gepost.The Day of Defeat Team proudly announces the release of the client/server files for Beta1.1 This list of mirrors will grow as the day progresses so be sure to check back later if the current links are too slow.

Een hele waslijst met verbeteringen: (thanks Darklance !)

- New Voice System

- Change teams while killed does spawn error

- Fix Models (entity line up at side shots)

- Fix Player Vote Kick

- Put Score board back to original

- Zoom in problems

- Take FF, Auto aim, Pause out of defaults

- Handgun deploy animations

- Add in Loggin for Server Admins (objects, ect)

- Make Scoreboard go away on deaths (shows other teams classes)

- Add in mp_teamlimit to allow servers to keep teams even

- Bullet Whizzing System

- Move Voice Sounds Client Side

- TK Penalty

- cl_ cheats

- model cheats

- Player Vote

- Netcoding

- Auto Aim tooken out

- Fix msg to all "Not selected class.."

- Possible Spawn Reinforcements bug

- Added 5 second hold on Round Restarts

- dod_dam

- dod_oslo

- dod_caen

- dod_omaha

- dod_tstation

- dod_snowtown

Inderdaad was lag vaak een groot probleem met DoD, als ze dat hebben opgelost ben ik al blij

De updates van 1.0 naar 1.1 zijn 21 MB groot, de full is 71 MB groot.

Update mirror 1. Update mirror 2. Full download mirror 1. Full download mirror 2.