Dark Sector, een van de nieuwe projecten van Digital Extremes (Unreal en UT). Het spel zou volgens DE's eigen zeggen "Online Action Gaming" een nieuwe betekenis gaan geven. Dat beloofd wat Players may elect to follow various styles of play, with bounty-hunting and assassination being two of the options Digital Extremes has publicly disclosed to date. The player character will be framed in the style of a first-person shooter, but evolving weapons technologies, a system of wealth, and other power-ups will add depth to the player experience. The potential to play within formal syndicates will add the experience of the feudalism mentioned in DE's conception of the game universe. Players will be able to dogfight through space flight gameplay in between space stations. This begs the question of what other surprises (in play modes, vehicles, etc.) Dark Sector may hold... There will be Challenge Arenas where players can fight for love or money, or compete in tournaments. Beyond all of this good stuff, all of the play will, of course, be contained in the dynamic setting of an online universe. De previewer vraagt zich af hoe DE ervoor zal zorgen dat Dark Sector met +100 spelers per spel niet laggy zal worden.

De hele preview