Langzaam druppelen de Reviews van Dark Reign2 binnen. Dit keer Avault.

Dark Reign2 is een 3D RTS (zoals alle RTSen tegenwoordig )

Grafisch is het een "wonder" volgens Avault en krijgt het 5 sterren.

Overall 4 sterren en je hebt een goede game met Realtime en Grafisch geweld .Gameplay ****: For the most part, Dark Reign 2 is a traditional RTS offering -- collect a resource, build bases and armies and attack your enemy. One of the variances in Dark Reign 2 compared to the original is that you only collect one resource. Resource management is the one area where I believe they were right the first time, but it's more of a personal choice than anything. Dark Reign 2 plays somewhat like Command & Conquer in terms of managing resources, and as such the "attack the harvester" tactic is, to a degree, overly powerful here as well. The resource spots in Dark Reign 2 are usually short-lived, and a couple of collectors can ravage a site in no time. This requires players to build in different locations, and depending on how long the game goes, it's plausible a player may have buildings in more than 10 locations. The dynamics in finding, mining and defending these locations during the course of a conflict becomes one of the title's primary draws. There's a good amount of strategy involved with maintaining control of a map's resources, and Dark Reign 2 surely provides some of the best attrition wars the genre has seen. Unit construction is also nicely handled. Queues are provided that allow players to rack up troops without having to be at their base, and there's virtually no limit on the amount of units one player can control or build. Combat is also a lot of fun, as long as you're able to get past how pretty things look. The lack of formation ability, extreme pathfinding problems and some boneheaded AI are causes of frustration, though, and negatively impact gameplay. However, these concerns are more evident in the single player campaigns and do not affect online play nearly as much. The vast amount of units and their weaponry available is really cool too. Pandemic obviously spent a lot of time on making sure the opposing sides were balanced and yet unique. Certain units have natural defenses against one another, which makes unit selection key to victory. While Dark Reign 2 doesn't have the experience system and location specific damage model offered in Ground Control, its units are still pretty cool and are a positive trait overall. Despite its somewhat inadequate interface and flawed AI, Dark Reign 2 delivers a high-quality experience. If you're trying to decide which of the latest 3D strategy offerings to buy, Dark Reign 2 is a good choice. It's not quite as polished as Sierra's heavily tactical Ground Control, but it's as good or better than anything else, including Earth 2150. Ach gelukkig mogen we zelf kiezen wat we kopen Kopen of niet ? Lees de Dark Reign2 review.