Gamer's Alliance Strategy heeft wat nieuwe info over het vervolg op Dark Reign 2. Deze RTS game is 3D, maar volgens de makers gaat het er niet om wie het beste met de camera om kan gaan zoals bij veel 3D RTS games. Maar het zal wel gebruik maken van de voordelen van een 3D engine, zoals een kloppende line of sight, Real Time lightning, special effects etc. Verder hadden ze nog wat over de AI, interface en de multiplayer: I believe we've also made some nice advancements in the interface for the game. Early on we knew that we would have a pretty nice looking world and we didn't want to cover it up with a lot of interface components as a lot of RTS games (the original Dark Reign included) were doing. So we designed an interface that took up as little screen real estate as possible and yet still gave us all the controls we need with a simple click of the mouse. I think some of our advancements like the Squad Manager and Building Manager will become commonplace in future RTS games. Additionally, we really wanted to make huge improvements to the Artificial Intelligence of your units and the computers units. I'm really proud of some of our advancements like smart targetting where units are smart enough to know who to attack when and squad behaviours, where a group of units act as a cohesive team. Finally, I think we've done some very nice things with the multiplayer. We have some slick multiplayer code which allows us to get 16 people in a game all over a modem without any problems. Although you may not want to play 16 player games that often, just think how smooth those 4 player games are going to be. We also spent a lot of time with the editor and the engine to leave it as open as possible to allow mod makers to go crazy and create whatever they desire. I'm very excited to see what they are able to come up with. De officiele Dark Reign 2 website is hier te vinden. Tot slot meldde Kaj vlak na mij in een newsposting dat er nieuwe filmpjes van dit spel te verkijgen zijn. Aangezien 2 postings een beetje overdreven zijn, staan hieronder de links: Ambush: klein & groot Urban Firefight: download