Voor de mensen die deze fantastische 3D RTS nog niet hebben gespeeld is er nu een demo beschikbaar. Deze demo weegt maar 34 Mb en biedt helaas geen multiplayer.In Dark Reign 2's apocalyptic future, an ecologically unstable Earth has fallen under the rule of a repressive world police force, the Jovian Detention Authority. Charged by Earth's elite with protecting their exclusive 'dome' cities, the JDA is locked in an ongoing battle to pacify the masses of urban 'Sprawlers' who dwell in the toxic, irradiated world outside. It is not until the occurrence of a single, catastrophic event, however, that the Sprawlers unite their unconventional technologies and weaponry to engage the JDA in the violent drama of Earth's final chapter. The battle unfolds on land, sea and air, and gamers can take up the cause of either side, fighting through 20 challenging day and night missions.

Dark Reign II redefines the real-time strategy experience with innovative improvements, including real 3-D terrain, new strategic options, unprecedented battlefield control, squad-level RTS enhancements and superior multiplayer features. While other RTS competitors stay mired in 2-D, Dark Reign II brings the 3-D battlefield of the future to life.

This demo contains two single player levels. There is no multiplayer functionality. It uses the updated code from the 1.1 patch

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