Er komt een game van de film Dark Crystal aan. Het wordt een 3D adventure.For almost a thousand years, the people have been at peace with the land around them. The fears of each generation has become the fables of the next. The saga of the Dark Crystal has become nothing more than an often told bedtime story. But something has changed... The once plentiful crops and lush vegetation have begun to wither and the lights of the neighboring villages have dimmed to nothing. The land has begun to die. After several years of negotiations, Henson Interactive has finally granted Tremor the right to pursue publishing for a game based on their popular movie. The world of Dark Crystal promises to be filled with rich environments and characters that translate well into a fully 3D adventure. Utilizing the same engine technology that Tremor is developing for Warcaster (the Richter engine), this project will be available for the PS2 and PC in the year 2001.