Action Trip heeft een mooie preview en enkele screenshots van Mythic Entertainment's Dark Age Of Camelot online gezet.The basic storyline follows both middle age historical events and mythological anecdotes: "It is the time just after the death of King Arthur. His kingdom of Albion sorely misses his firm leadership, for the ancient land is under constant threat of invasion by the wild magical Celts from the western island of Hibernia as well as from the wild and uncivilized Norse from the icy lands of Midgard, far to the north. At stake is each Realm's Relic - rare and extremely powerful talisman that must be kept safe in special keeps in the Realm, lest enemy raiders come and steal them."Een spel in de stijl van Ultima On-line, EverQuest, en Asheron's Call, met wat toegevoegde opties. Check het complete artikel hier.