Op Stomped was te lezen dat ze bij 3DGN een verhaal hebben geschreven waarom Daikatana het wachten waard is. Hier is een stukkie:That's right, even in the worst case scenario, if Daikatana ends up being an unoriginal first person shooter, I really think it's going to be fun. Everyone complains about the proverbial fps clone, but when was the last time you played a first person shooter as fast paced as Doom that was fun? It's probably been a while; most of the failed clones are those that tried to jam their games chalk full of so called "depth" and couldn't handle it. Sure, I'll pick Half-Life over a fast paced action game any day, but that isn't going to stop me from craving speed and violence from time to time - and that is exactly what I think Daikatana will provide for us.

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