Zo aangezien jullie vast nog niet genoeg Daiktatana nieuws hebben gehad, hier nog wat:

For the fourth year in a row, Daikatana will be shown at E3 as a product that's unavailable on store shelves. Eidos has told Well Rounded Entertainment that it will be unable to ship the oft-delayed shooter before the industry trade show. Daikatana was originally supposed to arrive in time for the 1997 holiday season. It went gold on Friday, April 21. Romero, in an email to WRE, said he was hopeful the game would be on the shelf sometime during E3 or before, but admited he was "not sure since it's not up to me anymore." The developer said he plans to be at E3 to promote the game. Zou er een Guinness Book of Records record zijn voor lang prutsen met spellen?