Bluesnews meldt dat Ionstorm's Noel Stephens zijn .plan heeft geupdate en daarin praat over de patch die uit gaat komenDaikatana has hit the shelves! Along with this comes the inevitable... the dreaded patch. However, never fear too much regarding this. ChalreZ, Shawn, and of course myself have been working on fixes for things that we have come to discover since the demo release on the code side, and I know the mappers have been adding some fixes and a few extra goodies to make the patch that much more welcome when it is released. As far as Shawn and Charles are concerned, I know they have both been working in their 'areas' as I have been working on AI, World, and of course Sidekick related issues. Some of the windows 2000 issues that have been solved are relating to level transitions and I know Shawn is working on one particular load game issue under Win2k. So, if you are running 2000 and have had some crashes when transitioning from one level to the next, don't freak too much... the fix is coming soon. As for things relating to the Sidekicks, well one of the additions that I have added is the ability for them to use those nifty health trees, medical kits (episode 4), and of course the various forms of the hosportal (in episode 2 it is the fountain of life). On another note, things have been quite a change in pace and I think everyone is just 'adjusting' back to a normal schedule. It is times like these that make me understand the whole game developer's cycle and why there are times of complete chaos and then there are times of nice peaceful bliss. Either way, it is one fantastic ride. I am sure there will be a good handful of bugs sent our way once Daikatana gets into full circulation. As for when the patch is going to be released? Can't say... because it is really a matter of how many more bugs pop up between now and the next few weeks. Also, I would like to send out a special thanks to the entire Daikatana community for being so patient in waiting for Daikatana. I hope that we have made all of your waiting worth while. Enjoy! Hmphs, spel is net 2 dagen oud en ze zijn al bezig met een patch voor zaken die allang getest hadden moeten worden, maar waarschijnljk door tijdsgebrek geen doorgang konden vinden.