Andrew van DailyRadar heeft werkelijk een schitterende analyze gemaakt van de fouten van Ion Storm en vooral van onze vriend Sjonnie Romero.So, all that being said, is John Romero right in his maudlin assumption that the gaming press is biased against him and his game? Yes and no. It would have been impossible to miss the events of the last four years and some of the bizarre things that happened. This sort of thing doesn't usually happen in this surprisingly quiet industry. But I'll be honest with you: Not all reviews of Daikatana are going to be biased. True newsmen and women working in this industry are aware of one important thing... It would be far better "copy" if Daikatana were released and found to be a great game. It's a better ending, a better story and the kind of thing that sells papers, if you catch my drift. Don't make the assumption that the press wants Daikatana to suckEen must read voor fans van FPS. Voor het artikel klik je hier.