Gamerush is een dagje wezen stappen in de westwood studios en heeft wat leuke informatie los gepeuterd over renegade en NOX :over renegade:

The game itself will feature 10 weapons (not counting the "super weapons such as the ion cannon and nukes), and all the vehicles you know and love from Command & Conquer. There will be day missions and night millions, but the state of day or night will not change during a single mission. When I inquired about weather effects, David paused before saying "Not at this time," and mentioning how it was on his "wish list for the future."

over NOX:

Nox, the new "action adventure role-playing game" from Westwood Studios, was previewed today in Las Vegas, Nevada, in front of fansite representatives from three Diablo II and two Westwood or general gaming sites, numerous print journalists, and other members of the media as well as gaming fans. The game has been in development since 1995, started in the spare room of Technical Director Michael Booth. His sources of inspiration included Atari's Gauntlet, Mortal Kombat and Magic: The Gathering.