Vrouwen die gamen? Ik zou ze wel eens wat vaker tegen willen komen. Even goed worden ingemaakt met Quake3 door je buurvrouw (een niet al te oude dus ). GameGirlz had een interview met Angel L. Munoz, de oprichter van CPL, de wereldleague voor actiongames.

In dit interview worden vooral de 'all-female tournaments' besproken. Geen toegang voor al die hitsige gamertjes dus. Recently the CPL has been including smaller all-female tournaments at the major Quake 3 CPL tourneys. Why did the CPL become associated with female events? This answer to this question expands to different levels, for me so first I will answer it on a personal level and then on a business level. On a personal level let me say that some of my most trusted friends happen to be women, starting with my wife and livelong companion Karin, my wonderful little daughter Gabrielle, my close friend and VP of Sales Kimberly, my friend and unwavering supporter Stevie (Killcreek), my assistant and friend Jaye, my sister Nancy, and so many others. I have learned from them about the incredible strengths that have had to develop to compete and prosper in today's society, and how the stereotypes about women are basically devoid of any truth. So when I was first asked to host the Female Frag Fest at GroundZero in NYC I was already predisposed to support any effort that would bring more recognition to skilled female gamers. The way I see it is that women gamers because of the cheer difference in numbers when compared to male gamers, at this stage of the sport, could benefit from events that gives them the spotlight. From a business point of view female gamers do attract media and that in itself benefits the sport . More coverage means more sponsors, and more sponsors means more events and more cash prizes.Voor meer vrouwenfeest kan je het complete artikel lezen.