Er zijn er al vele geweest en er zullen er nog meer volgen. Guides over hoe je models maakt. In dit geval weer eentje voor CS & HL. Wel handig, kan je jezelf modelen en met jezelf spelen in HL en CS (onee, bij CS heb je meer mensen nodig om mee te spelen )f your currently looking at this then that means you have a interest or want to know the basics of modeling or you just like reading. Well this article will just try and show you some of the very few ways of modeling and provided pictures and links to other sites to improve your skills. First:

First off the list is that you will need a program to make models. You have two choices here,well thats what I think.You have the choice of getting a sharware program called Milkshape 3D [download] or if you have the cash get Studio Max 3D (the best I think). Ok once you have got either one of theses programs then lets proceed to step 2. Two:

Ok the second step is too learn everything about your program e.g what does this button do and how to do some other crap. Since I can't be stuffed to show you this for each program. You can instead click below (on what program you are using) and learn your program. 3D Studio Max Milkshape 3D Once you know what most of the stuff does we can now proceed to step 3. Three:

Ok, I now trust that all of you now know how to use your programs. With this in my mind I have found you a Modelling Assignment. 3D Studio Max Modelling Assignment.Als je dit eenmaal beheerst kan je ook mensen modelen die je niet zo mag >