Bij barrys hebben ze hun Counter-Strike guide weer helemaal up-to-date gebracht. Er zijn nieuwe tips om je verbinding met de server te maximaliseren en natuurlijk wordt op de veranderingen van de Mod in gegegaan.1) Weapon section: The m4(removable silencer), USP (removable silencer), and p90(decrease in cost) have been updated. However the guys who did the weapon stats are in the process of checking all the stats to see if anything else has changed. There should be an update from them shortly.

2) Maps: There has been some changes to a few of the maps in beta6.5, and new ones added. RtG and myself will update the maps section in a few days. Expect to see some more detailed maps from RtG .

3) CS Manual: If you look at the manual which is located in your /cstrike/manual/ directory, you may find 2-3 small errors. This was because I did not have access to beta6.5 when I wrote it :. I've fixed the errors and a update to the manual can be found here.Bekijk hier dit zeer uitgebreide document. Bij themushroom is trouwens een leuke Q&A met cliffe online.