Counter-strike Beta 7.0 zal nu echt niet lang meer op zich laten wachten. Vandaag is de linux port van de server uitgekomen: The beta 7.0 Linux port has been released! There is only a full, 59 meg isntall for Linux admins to download. Remember, this file is for Linux Server Admins *only* -- you do not need to download it if you don't run a server. Thanks to Kendokan and Darkman for helping us test this port.

Het cs-team heeft aangegeven dat connectie problemen e.d. niet zijn opgelost, omdat het simpelweg een bug van Valve is: Also please note that Beta 7.0 will not fix all of the connection problems and bad_svc problems a lot of players have been having. These issues will be addressed in Valve's next client release.

What else can I say? Schiet eens op (&%*%&$

Ohja, als je je wilt aanbieden als host dan kan dat en misschien krijg je dan je '1 second of fame': Anyone interested in helping me mirrors files, please email me. You must include your credentials: Name, icq number, What site you represent, speed of your connection, etc. I am only interested in permanent locations that will host the files for a good length of time, on well established web sites. Make the subject of the email "B7 MIRRORING." No cable modems, no DSL, no University connections, etc please.