Voor alle mensen die nederig op de volgende release van Counterstrike zitten te wachten: DaveJ heeft wat screens van zijn map (nieuw in v6.5) released:Hey, I've got a surprise for y'all. Since I'm in a very good mood, I've decided to release two never-seen-before (apart from by cliffe) screenshots of my new CS map due to be included in the BETA 7 (if not 6.5) release of Counter-Strike. The map uses the textures featured in the shot on 3DActionCS of the map I was working on. This new map is vaguely based around a farmhouse/european village type idea, and myself and cliffe are contemplating on the gameplay style. Most of the textures were produced by MacMan, apart from the rooftiles and crates which are the result of my own meanderings... Take a peek: