Crazy Car Championship is pas net aangekondigd door developer Synaptic Soup, maar de screenshots van deze game vliegen al met dozijnen het internet op en ook met informatie over de game wordt niet zuinig gedaan. VoodooExtreme kreeg vandaag 2 nieuwe screenshots toegestuurd van Synaptic. More and more people are getting on-line, and the next generation of consoles will offer a cheap and easy to use route to Internet access for a lot more people. A multiplayer version of your game is now essential and the Cipher Engine is designed from the ground up to make it easy to create games that can work over the Internet. With support for cross platform multiplayer gaming, Cipher finally makes it possible for console owners to compete with PC owners in the same game.

Not only does it support the fundamental network communication and management of the games state needed to get a multiplayer version of the game working, but it also supports important back-end systems like Authentication Servers, Master Game Servers and Dedicated Game Servers. These help to prevent piracy and make it easy for your customers to find other people to play against.De game ziet er door de Cipher engine op het eerste gezicht zeker niet slecht uit, als de gameplay ook goed is kan dit zeker wel eens een onverwacht toppertje worden.