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Bij PlanetQuake hebben ze een artikel geschreven over een mod voor Quake3 die je het beste kan vergelijken met CounterStrike & Action Quake.So you can imagine the thrill I felt when I learned that there was a mod in development that was going to bring me the same kind of excitement I felt in Action Quake 2 but for Quake III Arena. The mod is called Urban Terror, and it's the baby of the PQ-hosted development team, Silicon Ice. There seems to be a hardcore group of gamers out there who salivate after realistic mods - Action Quake 2, Action Half-Life, Counterstrike, and others like them. For those that aren't familiar with types of mods, they feature, obviously, heavy element of realism - the weapons are ones that actually exist; damage is generally location-based (i.e., a shot to the head will kill you instantaneously, but a shot to the stomach will leave you bleeding slowly to your death); you can only carry so many items, weapons, and ammo, just as you would in real life. Of het een CounterStrike killer is betwijfel ik nog, maar wat nog niet is, kan nog komen! Het artikel vindt je hier Mocht je meer shots willen zien, ga dan naar de gallery. En mocht je ooknog een interview willen lezen met The Silicon Ice team (De makers van de mod) volg dan deze link.