Half Life Fusion heeft een interview gehouden met Gooseman (Minh Le) project leider van Counterstrike.HL Fusion: So you're always releasing betas ? will there be a "stable" version one day or not ? Goosman: yes, I'd imagine that will happen soon maybe BETA 7 will be the final what is the major difference for you between a beta and a stable version ? I could call B6 a final for all I wanted As long as it's bug free but B6 still has a few lingering bugs that slipped past us nothing major though HL Fusion: The succes of CS is really huge. A lot of people forget that there is a game called Half Life. The new players thinks the game is CS and Half Life doesn't make sense for them. What are your feelings about this success ? And how Valve reacted towards that ? Goosman: hmm well, it's a hard question to answer it's something that I've answered so many times before I feel great that it's so succesful but at the same time, I feel some people are playing it as Deathmatch and they can't adapt to the teamplay of the game as far as Valve's reaction they've been supportive to us but not too intrusive they help us when we need it They contracted Barking Dog to make BETA 5 as far as coding help they answer some of my coding questions.