3DActionPlanet heeft een interview gehouden met Cliffe, een belangrijke deelnemer van het CounterStrike developers team. Ze gaan vooral in op zijn prive leven en wat het succes van Counterstrike voor invloed heeft gehad op zijn leven:3DActionPlanet: Has the fame from Counter-Strike changed your life at all? cliffe: Not really. Just the amount of time I spend reading email everyday. 3DActionPlanet: Does Counter-Strike interfere with your schoolwork? Have you ever had to tell your English teacher, "I'm sorry I don't have my paper, but I was up all last night finishing up beta 6" ? cliffe: Well, yes, I've been getting increasingly less sleep as the year has gone on. I'm averaging about 3 hours of sleep per night but I usually fall asleep during the day. I've always been like that though, I procrastinate and play games until it's finally time to do homework at 1 am. [break] [/break] 3DActionPlanet: Are you planning to use your game design experience to launch a career in the gaming industry? cliffe: Not really. I think it's really fun to do as a hobby. I think doing something in the gaming industry may be dangerous in that it would taint a hobby that I love: gaming. I'm not sure if it would be worth it. It's like becoming a porn star, everyone says how great it would be -- but you'd really get tired of reaming luscious babes day in and day out (pardon the pun).