Er is vandaag een fix uitgekomen voor Counterstrike 6.5. De fix verhelpt de Hunk Error, die voornamelijk optreed wanneer je maar 32 Mb ram hebt.This if for all those who are getting the "Hunk_Alloc:failed on xxxxx bytes" crash. CS uses more RAM than HL and TFC, so those with 32megs of RAM are having problems. In your command line, set -heapsize 32000 -- or try other values, smaller or larger -- depending how much RAM you have. If you don't know how to do this, right click on hl.exe and 'create shortcut' Right click on this new shortcut, choose 'properties', then edit the 'target' (command line) to say something similar to "C:sierrahalf-lifehl.exe" -game cstrike -heapsize 32000 If this doesn't work, download, which has model textures with less detail. Please e-mail me with feedback on the issue and fix.Downloaden kan je dus hier doen. Ik hoop dat ze ook gauw de andere bugs gaan fixen.