RickJansen schrijft: "Op de frontpage van www.counter-strike.net, een verhaaltje over de nieuwe specificaties van CStrike Beta7. Bedenk wel dat het 1 April is ": We haven't been updating much lately, because we've been saving up to give you a lot of info at once. The time has come for us to reveal what will be included in beta7. First of all the map cuts: we've decided that it's time for siege, dust, docks, militia, and prodigy to be cut. They've had their time in the sun, but now they have to go. In their place will be "mansion2000," which will have new features like more lag.

It has also been decided that the famous Snark from HL will make its way into the mod (perhaps as some kind of projectile, say from a snark cannon). Beta7 will also have driveable vehicles, more gunz, and the ability to sell the c4 for inflated prices to unsuspecting hostages.

Also, the AWP, M4A1, and mp5 weapons are going to be taken out and replaced by Half-Life's Gluon Gun. We figure this will capture the Sci Fi audience as well as the realism audience.

Here are all the other beta7 features: The VIP will now be armed with a rocket launcher; crosshairs will now be rainbow colored; VIP will have a useable jetpack ala Duke Nukem; player speeds have been cut in half; CT's will now be clothed in pink jumpsuits; K9 Units; New weapons (an axe, a guitar like Honkey Tonk man where you can break it over the backs of your enemies, a 2 by 4, and a sledgehammer to smash up the CT's APC).

Biggs and Brumbek from the Goldeneye mod have been hired to commence work on new player models and weapon animations.Mooi hoor dat 1 april!