Op Plantet Halflife wisten ze te melden dat CS Nation een interview heeft gedaan met Gooseman over Beta 6. Hier zijn de 2 belangenrijkste vragen + antwoorden.RzE: The obvious one; when can we expect beta 6? I can only give estimates at this point since we're pretty far behind... The biggest hold up is getting the maps playtested. I've decided to do a semi-code freeze meaning I won't be adding any new features. I'll spend the rest of the development cycle just debugging code (no crashes yet! yippee) and tweaking gameplay elements. I'm also working on a new CT player model.. sorry, it's not the snow CT model.. He'll have to wait till BETA 7. I guess to answer your question, I'd say another 3 to 4 weeks for BETA 6 to be ready. RzE: Can you recap what's new in beta 6? ok.. here are a couple of new features.. - radar (which will only show teammates, and can also be turned off!!) So all you whiney babies can shut up now

I believe the radar will make it easier for people who don't use RW and don't want to be bothered with typing long ass sentences telling their teammates their location. 80% of our players are pretty damn lazy and to expect them to act like a real world CT team is asking to much.. so that's why I came up with the radar..

- a new way of doing nightvision.. some of the testers (not you, you lazy bastard!) have reported that it's much better than the old way of doing nightvision. I should probably put up some screenshots of this in action.. If you ask me, it's 10x better (for me atleast) than the original nightvision...

- when you peer through a sniper rifle, the corners of your screen are black (ie. similar to Soldier of Fortune).

- 2 new guns : Steyr Aug , MAC-10

- redid the MP5 model/animations..

- new snow T player model

- new SAS player model

- new CT player model

- miscellaneou[s] new gfx

. - new gameplay modes...Escape is funny as hell..

Klinkt goed, nou hopen dat ze het niet te vroeg uitbrengen zoals Beta 5

De rest is op Cs Nation te lezen.