De connectieproblemen waar CounterStrike 6.5 erg veel last van blijkt te hebben, zijn dermate groot dat er binnenkort een update komt naar 6.6

Verder geeft Gooseman nog wat tips voor mensen die problemen hebben met de CounterStrike 6.5Ok, we just want to let everyone know that we are aware of the connection issues that people are having with 6.5. Gooseman is going through the code and we've spent the last three days testing to find the problem. Gooseman is hoping he can find the problem and get it fixed for 6.6. Meanwhile, for some people deleting your 'config.cfg' file in the cstrike directory works and for some it doesn't. If you try that, remember to back up the config in case it doesn't help you. Again, if you have a Geforce or Geforce2 and you're getting the "blocky HUD sprites," make sure you've installed nvidia's newest reference drivers. I just picked up a geforce2 and can verify that this fixed the problem. And now for some random issues that we're getting a lot of mail about. Yes, you can use images from this site, provided that you link here and credit "CS Team." The ATI card problem is being fixed by Valve for their next update. Speaking of ATI cards, Jean-Louis Hens sends word that putting -16bpp in your command line is a temporary fix. If you're having problems with no console, make sure you a.) have -console in your command line or b.) add console 1.0 to your config.cfg. And last, Geronimo and the boys at Counter-Server have updated with a bunch of new content including a Basic Linux Server Setup Guide, server scripts, and hosted site actionNu maar hopen dat er niet een nieuwe bug erin sluipt terwijl ze die ene eruit hebben gehaald