De eerstvolgende release van Counterstrike wordt beta 6.5 en niet beta 7. Er zullen niet veel nieuwe opties in zitten, maar de release is voornamelijk voor nieuwe netwerk-code van Valve. Eindelijk, en laten we hopen dat de code echt zo goed is als belooft .Time for a small news update. First of all, the next release of CS will not be beta7. Rather, it will be called beta6.5 and will incorporate Valve's new code (which is nothing short of awesome by the way). It will mainly be ported code (nothing major as far as additions or changes), hence the name 6.5. There have also been quite a few questions / concerns raised by the Valve partnership. The next HL patch will not include CS 1.0. The 1.0 version will come out probably in a few months time, after a few more beta releases. CS will not necessarily stop development at 1.0 either. For all you skinners and modelers, Gooseman has put together a zip file with all the first person weapon models that will help you convert any models to 6.5 when it's out. The reason they have to be converted is because all first person weapon models have to have a 2nd attachment point located at the place where the shell ejects from the gun. Grab that file here and visit CSnation for full information on this file. A lot of people have been emailing us about certain new exploits that have cropped up recently. These are being looked into by Valve and will be fixed. Certain "h4x0rs" may claim them to be unfixable, but they are indeed fixable and will be corrected.