Cliffe heeft op een stuk geplaatst over problemen (en oplossingen) met beta 6. Hier is het stukkie:Ok, we're getting a lot of mail about certain beta6 issues so I want to post a bit about a few of them. First of all, the off-center shooting of the crosshairs will be addressed. If you are having problems with strange death animations (standing up) or a "monkey dance" when someone has the aug, it's because you're using custom models/skins. Delete them. This is not a b6 problem, rather it's because you're using 5.2 models that don't have all the proper b6 animations. This also goes for the SAS update pack we released before b6, if you have it, delete it. The other issue is buying nightvision. You *have* to go through the regular buy menu to buy it. That is, use the "buy" command to purchase it. Then use the "nightvision" command to toggle it on/off. Also, for b6 the netcode or anything affecting it has not been touched. So if you are having lag problems it's either the server you're playing on or the fact that you haven't chosen your net connection in the multiplayer > internet games menu (aka your "rate" setting). Make sure this is set correctly.

Het zal allemaal wel, maar op as_oilrig haal ik toch echt maar 10 fps bij die helicopter.