Op die officiele Counter-strike website kan je een nieuwe server patch downloaden. De patch is "Server-Side only" dus je hoeft hem alleen maar te downloaden als je een server hebt.

Verder vertelde "Gooseman" (iemand uit de Counter-strike crew) dat de langverwachte Beta 7.0 binnen een week uit komt! Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. We've all been busting butt trying to get BETA 7.0 out the door. It shouldn't be too long now.. I'd guess within the new week. In the meantime, there's a particularly nasty bug out there that I need to address ASAP.. so here is BETA 6.8 (SERVER SIDE ONLY), that will take care of that little bug that most server admins are aware of by now (it's the one that restarts rounds).