BETA 5.2 komt er snel aan, er zit wel een groot verschil in vergeleken met BETA 5.The finishing touches and testing are being put into 5.2 Expect it very soon. I just got back to my dorm and finally had a chance to play beta5 (was on a junky connection all break). I can't stress it enough.. if you are having lag / packet loss, you absolutely *must* set your pushlatency and rate values. See the post a few below to see which values are right for you. Again, it makes a *huge* difference. Before you complain about beta5 lag, make sure you have these settings set. It can save you big headaches. And speaking of mappers, Poor Yurik is working on his latest masterpiece. No word on if it'll see the light of day. Also, the amazing Davej might very well have a new one for beta6 as well. Meeeedic's newest is looking nice too. Exciting stuff, methinks.