Planet Half-life meldt dat er voor newbie's en andere geinteresseerden er een uitgebreide Counter-Stike guide beschikbaar is. In deze guide worden alle wapens en taktieken uitgelegd, van Assault tot Sniperen en de samenwerking tussen deze uiteenlopende taktieken en spelers...Congrats to the CS team on making the game more realistic, while you are moving your accuracy is absolutely terrible, just like in real life, which is great for people like me, who stop, crouch, and shoot with near full accuracy. So remember, movement makes your aim poor, remember that and plan around it. AWSOME ANIMATIONS the guys actually reload, great! Very lifelike! Lots of new death animations great job! The new knife is great! NOTE it will be VERY interesting to see the effects of the bad-aim-during-movement in sniper vs sniper battles. Hehehe. NOTE technically it's not the movement that makes the aim bad, it's the movement with heavy weapons, so the bad aim with the scout isn't that bad (return of the scout!). En voor iedereen geldt:Practice, practice, practice!So get on it