Casper schrijft: "Het blijkt dat het Counter-Strike team wordt overladen met vragen en opmerkingen over beta 6.5 van hun speeltje. Cliffe geeft daarom antwoord op de meest gestelde vragen:": First off, if you are getting the error "could not load library C:SIERRAHALF-LIFE/cstrike/cl_dlls/client.dll" then that means you didn't install the new Half-Life 1.1 patch before running CS 6.5. You can download that right here at Fileleech. If you get a CRC error when attempting to run one of the 6.5 installation files, then you got a corrupt file. You'll need to download the file again. If you are using the 6065 upgrader, make sure you have 6.0 or 6.1 installed! Please do not e-mail us about connection problems or other Half-Life patch related issues. These have nothing to do with us; you'll need to contact Sierra for tech support for HL related issues. Meanwhile, please understand that this patch had a lot of new code and there will be issues. Valve will be working to address the problems.Flits snel hier naar toe voor de rest van de problemen.