Met de komst van Beta 7 kan men ook in voertuigen crossen. Misschien zijn nu ook alle race fanaten onder ons geinteresseerd in de game. Of het rijden echt zo'n goede ervaring is bekeek men bij 3dactionplanet

Joran Polak bedankt voor de tip Counter-Strike. Chances are, all of you have heard of it, and according to Gamespy, most of you play it. And with good reason, too; with its mix of realism and action, the terrorist vs. counter-terrorist formula has proven to be quite addictive. The modification (mod, for short) has gone through many development stages, and even though it is still in beta form, it is still one of the most polished mods out there. But we already know this.

You probably also know (due to the fact that virtually every game-related FTP server was bogged down or just altogether dead) that Counter-Strike Beta 7 was released on Saturday. Being one of the best updates to date, the patch added pistols akimbo for the terrorist faction, a new player class for the counter-terrorists, some beautiful new death and reload animations for all of the models, and some great new maps. Oh yes, and drivable vehicles. Drivable vehicles, you ask? YES! No longer are we stuck to the tracks of those ugly-looking "trains" from previous releases. We now have fully controllable vehicles!

When I finally got on a server, I jumped on the counter-terrorist team (I hate when the terrorists are full!), then rushed madly to the jeep. Jumping in and starting it up, I quickly threw it into reverse...and ran over one of my teammates. Oops. After regaining my composure (losing a team member can be hard, you know), I slammed that thing into drive and floored it. Now, I guess it should be known that the jeeps really don't go that fast; if I had to guess a speed limit, it'd hover probably around 25-30 miles per hour. Still, they move faster than you can in spectator mode, and you don't have a chance in hell of outrunning one on foot. However, 25-30mph is plenty of speed to hit jumps at, and that's probably one of the most fun features of the Jeepathon.

The Jeeps!: The only reason any Counter-Strike player would ever want to play this map. The sheer fun that is driving the vehicles makes most gamers completely overlook the basic feel of the map. Of course, seeing as how the vehicle code is still very early, there are plenty of bugs to be found. They don't like driving when more than 2 people are in the vehicle, they tend to like to kill passengers if they're standing in the wrong spot, they get stuck easily, they flip if you hit ramps wrong (I hope they leave this bug though; it's fun!), the controls get screwed up when more than one person tries to drive it (which is kind of expected), and they make your ping raise up a bit. But as soon as you run down an opponent, you will forget all about the bugs, and concentrate on the fact that you're laying on the floor laughing yourself silly.

Of course, one little test map can't possibly be the future of the Vehicle/Counter-Strike relationship. But I have a few ideas for the Counter-Strike team that are sure to get gamers' juices flowing!

Driving Toward the Future

First of all, these vehicles need a bit of tweaking. Now, it's no secret that the limitation of vehicles lies in the creative mind, so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a whole variety of vehicles such as humvee's, trucks, sportscars, or whatever else might fit the theme of any particular map. Of course, while we already know vehicles may vary, there's still many features that all vehicles need, such as:

Steering Wheels: Steering the jeeps telepathically will only work for so long. Steering wheels are good.

Seat Belts: I've flown out of my car countless times. Seat restraint is a must!

Airbags: Collisions kill. Airbags save lives. At least until I get outta the car and give him a blast from my MP5 for wrecking my ride.

Radios: We've got radios in both cs_italy and cs_arabstreets. How cool would it be to have one of these in a car? Sure, the thumping bass would give your position away, but who cares when you can just run 'em over?

Handbrakes: Powerslide kills. 'Nuff said!

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