Bij 3D Action Planet hebben ze weer eens een discussie. Deze keer gaat de Point / Counter-Point (nee, niet Counter-Strike, hoewel het wel in het artikel voorkomt...) over de mate van ingewikkeldheid van games. Hellchick:There are complex games that I've enjoyed, but they're a one-time thing -- they hold very little replay value for me. And yet a year after Quake III Arena's and Unreal Tournament's release, I'm still playing them nearly every day. They're games that I can fire up, play for 10 or 15 minutes, and shut down. I don't have to wonder where I left off when I last saved the game, and I don't have to hunt through any mission objectives to refresh my memory. The Grape: Oh yeah, sure...Quake III and Unreal Tournament are great fun for 10 or 15 minutes. Just like it's fun to throw a rubber ball around for 10 or 15 minutes.

I mean, come on! Think movies. Gun fights are fun and exciting, but it would hardly be fun at all if you basically just see gun fights from beginning to end (though this is, sadly, all too true for so many action films). Instead, the best movies provide a coherent and integral plot that develops and draws the viewers in, while exciting them with occasional action scenes.

Hellchick: But you're equating story with complexity. While the two can be related, they can coexist independently.

Take Half-Life. Quite possibly the most story-driven game in the action genre. But it's hardly complex -- it's your quintessential first-person shooter.

But look at Deus Ex. I have tried repeatedly to get into this game. I WANT to get into this game. My problem is that when I sit down at my computer to play instead of work, I go through a thought process: "do I want to play Deus Ex? Or do I want to play some Quake III Arena or Unreal Tournament?"

Q3A wins almost every time. Why? Because I don't have to sit and rememorize controls and look up my objectives, and find notes I've made about what I'm supposed to do. Now, this in no way suggests Deus Ex is a bad game; quite the contrary. I watched a friend play through a good chunk of it and was entertained by watching rather than playing because the game plays like a movie -- it was an entertaining experience to watch.Een discussie waar dus geen eind aan komt en waar er beide zijden eigenlijk wel gedeeltelijk gelijk hebben...Hellchick: And while I agree that that's the case, give me a more simplistic game to while away the time and you'll find me coming back to play it again and again. The Grape: Simplistic games are fun once in a while, for a 20-minute stretch, perhaps. But for the real entertainment, for all the thrills and chills that a game can provide, you must stick with complexity that messes with people's emotions and provides a thinking-man's experience.Op deze pagina kun je je eigen mening geven.