Commando's, wie kent het spel niet? Menig raam is gesneuveld door dit spel doordat het zo frustrerend moeilijk was. Maar vliegende monitoren of niet, deel twee staat eraan te komen en GA-Strategy heeft een interview gehouden met Pyro Studio's waar wat nieuwe details naar boven komen.Tell us more about the latest engine on which Commandos II is based. What are its capabilities and how has it allowed you to expand the game beyond the scope of the original title?

Commandos II is completely new game. Not even a single code line from the previous one has been used. We have new interiors where we are able to move the camera in any direction, and one can play in the interiors with 360º revolving camera. There are Four viewpoints on location shots for every 90º, and more than hundred animations per character artistically done by our animators and supported by functional cinematic. These are clear examples of the new technical features of this game. We have started from scratch all over again. When we took the task to develop Commandos II, we knew that we would have to provide something clearly new and this means that we have to start from zero.

Hmm, nu maar hopen dat mijn monitor tegen stuiteren kan

Commandos II interview