Power..ehh.. Commandos to the people denken ze bij Eidos. Commandos 2 komt namelijk ook op de de PS2 en de Dreamcast uit. Kan iedereen dadelijk genieten van deze stoere mannen

Onslaught bedankt voor de tip PlayStation 2: Eidos U.S. has confirmed that Commandos 2 will be released on PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast next spring.

The sequel to Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, which has sold over one million copies worldwide, is being developed by Spanish-based Pyro Studios, and set for release in spring 2001.

Players take control of an elite group of commandos

who must venture into enemy territory to complete a

series of mission based objectives. The game incorporates several new features and utilizes a completely new game engine allowing indoor and outdoor locations as well as the ability to rotate the

environment. het is "Spring 2001" voor dat je het weet